How to Properly Prepare Yourself and Your Home for a Painting Project (Part 1)

Prep work in painting is the most important part of the process. As a matter of fact, experts say that the preparation process is more important than the painting itself, so you better do it right. If you’ve ever wondered how a professional painting company achieves those amazing results, then follow these guidelines and learn how to do it yourself.

The Importance of Surface Clearing
The first step of the process is removing all fixtures, paintings, switches, outlets, or anything else that is hanging on your walls. The more stuff you remove, the easier the masking process will be. Obviously, you must also pull furniture away from the walls. This process may require at least two people, so if you don’t have anybody to help you, maybe it’s better to hire a painting contractor.
The Importance of WWW (Well Washed Walls)
Once you have cleared your walls as much as possible, it’s time to wipe the dust off. For this, you need a bucket with warm water, some dish liquid and a bath sponge. The cleaning process is pretty self explanatory: start from the upper corner and work your way down towards the bottom trim.

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